A rich, moisturising, deep cleansing soap with 98% Olive Oil and 2% Castor Oil. Great all over body soap with a high quality shampoo action. This is a super soap for anyone who spends their day outdoors and needs to restore dry, cracked or chapped skin.

A liquid soap made especially for our Endurance and outdoor pursuits customer base.
So, here it is! The ingredients are 98% Virgin Olive Oil and 2% Castor Oil. It takes 2 weeks to make and it does what we say it does. Virgin Olive Oil gives only a thin lather, but the added Castor Oil helps with both moisturising and lathering, so work the soap well into the skin and scalp, elbows and heels, add a little water at a time and the result will be a rich, smooth lather that helps your skin to recover from a hard day out. It is also a fantastic shampoo - but long hair may tangle.

"I love it, love it, love it!",  "Great!",  "Cleared the splits in my fingers",  "We both use it - but he tends to grab it, so we'll need one each!",  "Sorted out my dry elbows and cracked heels in a couple of days", "I didnt know you could get a liquid Castile - great product!", "My scalp is brilliant, and my hair is so soft and shiny. My hands, knees and feet are nice and soft again. Thanks a lot!"  "100 Km today, showered in your Castile, then a massage. I feel great!"

Looks like they like it! SSS-CA-500  £9 plus p+p